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Channel 4 HD Sound


I have a HDR-Fox- T2, it's hooked up to my surround sound via optical connection so that, when it's broadcast, I get the full Dolby Digital effect. I've had this box since just after Christmas as a replacement for another HDR-Fox- T2 which failed (that's another story!)

I've noticed that with both boxes, when playing a back some programmes recorded from C4HD in Dolby Digital, that (I think) C4 sometimes forget to switch the Dolby back on properly after the commercial breaks, so that I don't get the speech (centre) channel , only the L & R front and L & R rear. This happened on the first box when playing back 'Sweeny Todd' just after Christmas and now when playing back 'Teenage Paparazzi' recorded last night. If I fast forward the recordings to after the next commercial break, the centre channel returns. I have not come across the the problem with any of the BBC HD channels or ITV1HD. (Although I'm not sure I've recorded anything in Dolby from ITV1HD).

Has anyone else noticed this?



theres another topic on this, check "sound gone on HD channels"

hopefully the update will solve the problem (when it arrives :rolleyes: )