Channel 903 ITV Hub regional allocation


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Hi, I posted this on another forum for help, then remembered about this one. I wonder if anyone can help?


I live on the Scottish side of the ITV Border region (I should stress I am NOT in an STV postcode area, nor am I in what could be described as an ambiguous area).

On my Humax Foxsat HD, channel 903 is allocated to the ITV Hub Player, which is great.

I also have a Humax Freesat HDR-1100S, using the same (my own) postcode, starting DG, as with the Foxsat, there is no service allocated to channel 903. This means that on the HDR-1100S, I am not able to watch the ITV player.

I've been in contact with ITV and Humax and Freesat and it's surprising how none of the parties seem to understand what's going on, or seem to want to communicate about it, but nevertheless, I'm wondering if anyone on here who has a non-Humax 2nd Generation Freesat receiver could attempt a channel scan to see if they have anything on channel 903 using a DG or TD postcode.

I really do think this must be a mistake somewhere with ITV's postcode database they're using these 2nd generation boxes (if that's how it works). At first they told me that because I was in Scotland, I shouldn't be able to receive the ITV Hub player as I should be watching STV. I'm in the ITV Border area, which their support people couldn't seem to grasp - strangely. Now they've figured that out, they're telling me they've whitelisted my postcode, however it still doesn't work, and I've realised that it's because I don't have the ITV Hub service allocated to channel 903.

I should've said before, it works perfectly well if I use an English postcode, which is still associated with the ITV Border region.

I'm just wondering if this is solely a Humax issue, or whether it's the case with all 2nd Generation Freesat boxes.

Would anyone reading this be prepared to give it a go and let me know the result?

It seems completely bizarre that ITV would be using a different database of postcodes for the 2nd Generation Freesat boxes, and that for some reason they would apply the ITV Hub channel 903 allocation to boxes located in every part of the UK they broadcast to, except those with postcodes starting DG and TD. It really does seem to me like a mistake. I don't think it's anything to do with broadcast rights to broadcast programming in Scotland for example. Particularly because the same service is available on the 1st Generation Freesat box (Foxsat HD), and that it's available on my smart TV, which although unaware of my postcode, will be aware of which ITV region I'm watching.

Hopefully someone here can help as I'd like to contact ITV again, but I want to investigate a bit more first.

I'm just wondering if this is solely a Humax issue, or whether it's the case with all 2nd Generation Freesat boxes.


There aren't any other 2nd generation boxes. Humax is currently the only maker. HDR1000/1010/1100S and the single tuner HB1000S