channel and volume selections not stopping when started


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Hi, I am experiencing this now when using the remote control. For example, I go into Guide, then push downwards, let go, and the selection just keeps on running downwards without stopping. I can reverse the direction by pressing the "up" button on the remote again, but that does not solve the problem. I am having the same problems when adjusting volume, brightness or go through any of the Menu or Recording listings. Basically, I have to try and just hit "OK" when the wanted selection is highlighted, which is really hit and miss and a huge pain. This problem just started yesterday, I think after my wife unplugged the hard drive from the USB while a movie was paused.

I have tried:
  • New remote control batteries
  • Opening remote and cleaning it thoroughly
  • Resetting the box
  • Re-updating the firmware of the box
Customer support tells me I should buy a new box... Do you have any other ideas, please?
I'm quite good with fiddling, so if it's replacing the IR receiver or similar, I think I could do that...

Thanks in advance,
Thanks for your answer. I found the culprit now, it was the remote control of another media player. The off/on button was depressed and jammed in the remote control case, so it was constantly firing and interfering with the Humax system.
Would you believe it.... :rolleyes:
All sorted now and no new box needed. But I have the custom firmware now installed, may play around with that one a bit!