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I am new to this forum having only got a HDR1000S yesterday and upon installing I notice that BBC1SD is 101 but BBC2HD is 102 ITV1SD is 103 and so on.

Is there a way to reorder the channels so that all the HDs are at the beginning of the channel list so in effect swapping BBC1SD for BBC1HD etc.

Also is there a way to delete unwatched channels as I used to do with the 9200. Rather than wade through lots of unwatched channels I would like to get rid of all children's, all smut and all shopping channels.


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Don't think so. (Ed: see PeeGee's post below!) At least with satellite the ad channels and smut channels are all together in groups, unlike Freeview/Youview where the ad channels are interleaved with proper ones.

You could try a Favourites list?
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You can also dismiss the home screen by inputting a channel number.

But not turn it off! I tried sending an automatic Exit command from my Harmony RC but the problem was in timing. Sometimes the box comes on within a few seconds and at other times it takes well over 30. What is the homescreen for, anyway? It adds nothing to my experience of the box, apart from confusion about which channel it started on. A brief Info flash would be better.


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This is from the 1010s, so may be useful.

Settings > general settings > parental control > adult channels (hide) will get rid of two channels!!!

For shopping etc:
Settings > freesat channels > editable channels
will allow you to delete individual channels.

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Coo, thanks PeeGee. I never thought to look there. Just got rid of Alba and BBC News SD. I would delete ch4 SD too if HD were in a sensible place.