Channel renumbering


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Is it possible to renumber the channels so that BBC4 HD replaces BBC4, BBC News HD replaces BBC News, etc? I am getting tired of trying to find HD channels in illogical positions! :)


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Apparently not. But press OK then one of the colour buttons (can't remember which one) to list the HD progs.
But I suppose you already knew that:)


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Yellow. But sadly not a solution for when you want to look at the EPG info for all the HD channels on a single screen.


The Dumb One
It would be good if you could do as Mike wants. To replace the SD channels with their HD counterparts. I see that some of the new HD channels will be on ridiculously high channel numbers:disagree:

Mike Parris

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I'd second this! We really need a way of customizing the channel list. My wishlist would be to be able to create a list of channels and their order. Also the Humax should power up using this custom list.