Choice of 32in TV as Monitor


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We're looking to upsize to a 32in TV.
We (only) use our TV for display. All tuning, recording and relay to hi-fi audio is done from a HummyHDR-FoxT2 or a SkyHD box. We rarely (more like never) watch DVD's, go smart or social-network etc.
Obviously we'd like something approaching the best picture.
What features/characteristics should we look for in a TV for our purpose?
Or--any obvious/favoured sets to recommend?
Look for a full hd plasma for the best picture. LCD is not far behind, plasma just looks better with fast moving images and is clearer in my opinion.
"Full hd" means 1080p. "Hd ready" means 720p or 1080i.

If you don't need all the fancy smart stuff on the latest models, I would look at maybe gumtree or eBay for an older model.
I managed to get a 42" 1080i LCD last year off gumtree for £220.
Can you get a 32 inch 1920X1080 plasma TV, I thought plasma pixels were too big to get 1920 of them across a 32 inch TV
Good point.. let me google that..

Yeah, cant seem to find any 32" plasma's, you maybe right.

I used to have a 32" CRT up until a few years ago which served me well for about 10 years, and I can tell you, jumping up to 42" LCD or Plasma makes a hell of a lot of difference!

I have two 42"ers. One a Samsung Plasma, the other a Philips LCD. Both are 1080i (hd ready), but watching a HD channel on them you would be hard pushed to tell that its not full hd.

Maybe consider jumping up to 42"chashum..
Look for a full hd plasma for the best picture ...
"Full hd" means 1080p. "Hd ready" means 720p or 1080i.

Usually in TV's Full HD refers to 1920X1080 pixels, anything else will have less pixels, say 1360X768 or 1280X720, They can still display 1080P and 1080i because they scale it down to the native number of pixels they have e.g. 768 or 720, however you can't display 1080 pixels in full HD unless your panel has at least 1080 vertical pixels
The 'p' and 'i' in 1080p doesn't refer to the display panel, it refers to the method of displaying a TV image, with 'p', lines are displayed Progressively and ‘i’ are displayed with an Interlace
Many thanks for the replies.
Living room (not a cinema!) can't accommodate more than 32in set and so plasmas are out.
Might go with a refurbished Samsung UE32D6530.
Any comments about that set?