Black Hole

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It may have come to your attention that we have lost the Monday broadcast of Click on BBC2. The alternatives are not very satisfactory:
  • Saturday morning during Breakfast, abridged version;

  • Various times on BBC NEWS - but with a news ticker at the bottom of the screen, and any particular broadcast can get bumped if there is breaking news;

  • BBC iPlayer - but with a red stripe at the bottom of the screen where the news ticker would have been.
I have taken the iPlayer route as the least worst (and I don't much like the new format either!).

Ezra Pound

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I use the zoom function on the TV to remove the scrolling News banner, as for the new format, it's a pity it didn't include a new presenter, the current one is more suited to Play School than a technology programme and just leaves me wondering how he will manage to be complete twat this week at the beginning of every episode