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I have my bedroom HD-FOX set to switch to Breakfast at 6am 7 days a week by manual timer. On a Sunday that's BBC NEWS rather than BBC1 because of football etc, so this task requires three timers: Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun.

After the retune shenanigans yesterday, I restored the schedule... but instead of 6am it restored the timer to 7am BST (as shown during the restore dialogue, and on the WebIF schedule browser) – or so I thought.

Okay, I thought, I'll just have to edit the timers on-box. But no: despite the WebIF still showing a start time of 7am, the SUI shows them as scheduled for 6am without intervention.

Ditto for a HDR-FOX: there is a manual recording set for 7.55am (SUI), but the WebIF shows it as 8.55am.
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I found this too as I record the R4 afternoon play on weekdays at 14:10 to 15:05 with a manual timer. The Web-If showed it starting at 15:10 even after deleting and recreating the timer. Other manual timers exhibit the same problem on WebIF. I resorted to entering the individual recordings from the WebIF EPG this week. I didn't check what the SUI was showing as I don't have a screen attached to this machine all the time.

Edit - Can now confirm that the SUI shows the correct start and finish time.
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I'm having the same issues with manual records, webif reports 1 hours later than the time I set it to, the raw database does show the correct time.
This has been happening since the change to BST and has now occurred on more than one setting. Up till now I managed to re-arrange the recordings but the latest, to nights, I can not.
Any advice/comments please?
As far as I know, you don't need to do anything to correct it. It's just the WebIF showing the wrong thing.
From one simple test it would be true, but I'll know tonight for sure.
Is there anything that can be done or known why its happening, it never did before the GMT to BST time change and nothing happened last summer?
Is there anything that can be done or known why its happening, it never did before the GMT to BST time change and nothing happened last summer?
Fairly recently there were some changes in the base packages underlying the webif including Jim/TCL, the programming language used by much of the webif, which changed the way daylight saving was handled under the cover which broke some things. This would appear to be another area that @af123 needs to take a look at
First last night, Sunday, I had three manual recordings over two boxes, all look to have worked correctly so as indicated above, it looks to be just a display issue only, but I will check the raw database view to confirm.
Thanks for you comment MymsMan, I did think it may be underlying changes but wondered if their was anything I could do myself, but not so. I'll just have to wait and be patient, thanks again.
Thanks for starting this thread, BH.

My Sunday morning reminder, similar to yours, switches to BBCONE HD in time for The Andrew Marr Show.

It and another reminder are shown as one hour ahead in Web-IF.
Not sure if this is related but, as I click from one day to another in the EPG in Web-IF, the start point jumps an hour.

So, one page starts at 8pm Wednesday, click on Thursday and it jumps to 9pm Thursday.

Click on Friday and it jumps to 10pm Friday.
Interestingly, it advances the hour by 1 hour for any day change, whether forward or backward.
It was working ok a few days ago, wasn't it? (well, I would have thought that I would have noticed it before)
No, it has done the for quite a while for me. I can't remeber for how long, but it is a matter of weeks, not days.
This has been occuring for at least a few weeks - can't be sure, but it seemed to start at the clock change.
I also see that the webif visual display is an hour off from the header line (RS visual is OK)
e.g. The Chase runs between 5pm to 6pm
Just noticed that the Visual Schedule is showing some programs with the correct scheduled times while others are showing as an hour before their scheduled time (see attached).

Is this related to the problem being discussed here?

All packages are up to date.

In the example below, Cricket on 5 is correct but all the others are shown an hour earlier than their scheduled times. The Heart Guy is shown as a conflict when it is not.
TV Diary shows the entries correctly so if they use the same data there may be a bug in the Visual Schedule code.


Is this related to the problem being discussed here?
Yes though in the past all programmes have been shown incorrectly - so double check the cricket is not on Five+1

However today I noticed something really strange - For Monday's Impossible the visual display start time is correct but the end time is displayed incorrectly and everything else is one hour early.
@af123 is there anything we can do to aid debugging?