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Hi all. I'm hoping someone can tell me which codec I need to download to play video from my FVP-4000T on Windows Media Player on my laptop. My OS is Windows 10. Thanks.
When you say "download", what do you mean exactly? There are several things to be aware of, in particular: the protections that are in place. I don't have a 4000 so I'm not fully conversant, but a browse of this forum section should find some reading in this topic. Most likely you will need to copy the recording to a USB drive, then transfer it to the PC that way (and even then, HiDef recordings won't work).

If you mean "stream", that's a slightly different matter - the recording is played by accessing the content across the network, and if made available at all will be decrypted in delivery (and it is possible to capture the stream). To do this, the DLNA service needs to be turned on in the 4000 menus ("content sharing"), and you need a DLNA client at the PC end (eg VLC).

As far as a player is concerned, does it have to be WMP? VLC is perfectly competent at playing StDef and HiDef .TS files (assuming they have been decrypted), and Splash Media Player is also recommended.

From elsewhere on the forum (not specifically FVP-4000T - click the little arrows to see the original discussion):
WMP can play files from a DLNA server. You need to have network discovery switched on, then DLNA servers become visible under network (explorer). In Windows 10, there is a new video player 'Films and TV' but I have not done much with it.
Downloaded and installed K-Lite Codec Pack and all OK now
Finally cracked this one and can now play both SD and HD files in WMP streamed or downloaded on the network from the Humax. This is how I did it:-

Apparently its a codec problem so first thing to do is to download the mega pack for K Lite from codecguide Install it and then download Win7DSFilterTweaker from the same website The DSfilter tweaker will run from the downloaded exe file so you wont need to install it as such, just click on it to load. Once loaded click on the middle of the three buttons marked "tweeks" this brings up a dialogue and you need to tick the first box "Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder" and the last box "Media Foundation" to disable these codecs in WMP. Save and exit out of the program. Now click on the downloaded or streamed Humax files in SD and they should load up and play correctly in WMP.

ps sorry about not giving actual links but apparently I haven't posted enough yet to avoid the spam detector :( If someone could post the links for me I'd be grateful.