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We have two HDRs. One was new about 18 months ago with a 1TB disc (box A), the other is a Grade A 500MB unit that we got a few months ago (box B). Serial Numbers are: 63 7105657 00074 and 63 7105611 00616.
The 1TB has 7.33 loader the 500 has 7.34, but both have the same FW and CFW (see sig below).
The only other difference is the WiFi dongles which are different, though both 'work'.

Since getting the 500MB box I've noticed that generally it is very much faster to respond to WebIf - page loading, etc is quite snappy. By comparison the 1TB is much more variable and often quite sluggish.
Tonight I was using telnet to fix an issue and the difference was even greater - the 1TB was glacial at times with each keystroke taking a couple of seconds or more to appear, and quite early on the thing bombed out of putty completely. Obviously it would be nice to get the A box to behave like the B, though it's not so bad as to warrant doing anything major.

Does anyone know why there is this difference? Might it simply be the WiFi dongles? Or the loader? Or is the 'older' box just getting more 'cluttered' with the time it's been in use?