Connecting to a VGA monitor input


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Does anyone had any insight into how to connect the box to a VGA monitor input? If so, how did you do this..?

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Ezra Pound

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There a few SCART to VGA cables about like the one HERE, they do seem to warn about the need for a VGA monitor with a specific scan rate, i.e. "The input screen must support a horizontal scan rate of 15.625KHz- (MOST projectors, plasma and LCD panels do, whereas CRT monitors dont). Please check with your appliance manual for suitability."
An HDMI to VGA device would need to do D-A conversion and need powering, I'm surprised to see one for £5.55


Like you Ezra I too was very skeptical but I needed a solution ( a little android tv box feeding a pc monitor ) and so bought one off ebay and guess what it works. Biggest problem is finding a vga monitor that will sync to 50hz . Most computer monitors still won't go below 60hz. Anyway it worked for me, best of luck citizen. By the way if you have a pc monitor with a dvi input, hdmi > dvi adapters are available


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I've used the neewer adaptor, linked above, for a raspberry pi system, and a HDMI to DVI for Humax to DVI connection (and also for raspberry pi system). I only have flat-screen devices, so I've never tangled with any CRT problems.
Is there really a need to sync to 50Hz ? I've only noticed 60Hz being used (where I could easily check it)


Derek, Syncing to 50Hz is not required , Maybe I need to make myself clearer. If your are using a rasberry pi or an android device they are perfectly capable of outputing 60Hz signals, so they can play on any vga monitor. If, however you are trying to connect a humax device, which outputs only 50 Hz signals , to a vga monitor, you might encounter problems, as not all vga monitors can handle a 50 hz signal. Trouble is until you try you will not know if it works but your only £5 out of pocket should it not work.