Connecting to HDR via NFS and using with Plex


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Firstly, I'm back. I know you've all missed me terribly. What do you mean you don't remember me? Ah well.
I moved to a flat with no TV aerial, Hummy when in a box when on eBay. Guy in Scotland bought it, had a few weeks, smashed it up (literally with a hammer) then eBay claimed it, and after paying for the return postage, I'm now the 1st and 3rd owner of said 1TB Humax box, plus some lovely hammer-like dents and chunks of paint missing on the top.

But, it still works, and now in a new house and decided Virgin Media's TiVo is a crock of doodoo and thought I'd dig out the Hummy. By golly it still works, hard drive fault clear (somehow!) and I've already custom-firmware'd her up.

Now, I'd like my server in the house to be able to access the Hummy over NFS (as I believe this would have less CPU overhead than using Samba) - apart from installing nfs-utils, how do I connect to the box? Windows 10 has NFS support in the 'Map Network Drive' wizard if you add the Feature (which I've done), but I can't find any documentation on what I'm supposed to put in there to connect to the box...

I'd like Plex to see the recordings and have them in a library... no thumbnails, no scrapping of media, just pure stream to server then Transcode out to tablets, etc. Hence I thought NFS might handle the workload better. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated.