Constant reboot, not enough time to get into menus (HDR-Fox T2)


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500GB Fox T2 HDR is constantly rebooting when powered on, started a few days ago.

I have the same problem as here, but it doesn't stay on long enough to do anything useful with it:

So I can't even get into the menus (to check/reset DNLA etc, if thats available in standard firmware), it just constantly reboots. Been flawless up until now, about 3 years old, probably 80GB free.

It'll stay in standby ok, but as soon as powered on it loops rebooting itself.
Tried powering it off the mains completely for an hour, but didn't make a difference.

It's doesn't have custom firmware, just whatever the latest OTA version was (around Feb 2014?), can't give the full version as can't get into the menu to read it.

Can I telnet into it to run maintenance mode in standby (it's not networked, so want to ask before I Ethernet it to our hub).

Any tips, can't believe how much we rely on it!
If your Humax won't stay up long enough for you to get into it's settings screen you are a bit limited to the steps you can take. If your Humax is connected to your LAN / Router via either the LAN connector or USB Wi-Fi, then the first step is to disconnect it from your LAN and try the Humax in this state, if the rebooting stops your Humax is resetting due to something it doesn't like on your LAN, possibly a NAS or something else running a Twonky DLNA server. WiKi Notes HERE
Thanks Black Hole will step through and see how far I get.

Ezra Pound - it's not networked at the moment at all, so I'll only hook it up to our hub via Ethernet if I can access it remotely. It's a total pain - first problem we've ever had with it.
Can I telnet into it to run maintenance mode in standby (it's not networked, so want to ask before I Ethernet it to our hub).
Sorry I missed the above line in #1, Telnet access and Maintenance mode are normally only available when the Custom Firmware is installed, however the System Flush feature on the Wi-Ki Firmware page may help
When the unit is in standby i.e. when the hard disk isn't spinning it is not possible to access the Humax at all, because only the clock timer in the front panel is running, the main board is completely powered down apart from the UHF pass through circuitry
@EP: most of what you've said is already covered in the info referenced in post 2, including links to the wiki for relevant details.
No you didn't

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