Content sharing with 2 HDR FoxT2,s

I have recently purchased a second HDR FoxT2 for the bedroom. The plan is to enable content sharing over the network,which should give us the ability in theory to record 4 channels at once.
The downstairs box is connected to the router by cat5 Ethernet,whilst upstairs is connected to a Belkin powerline HD (1gb) adaptor, the other adapter connected to the router.
Both boxes are able to see each other and I can search the content etc. My problem starts when I try to play a Hd programme recorded downstairs on the upstars box. I get the message "Cannot support this file format"

Some programms play ok but it seems that larger files won't play !

Any ideas ?
Hi Grant!,

How are you currently sharing the files? Using the default FTP Server? What version firmware are both the boxes running?

I'm not sure if any1 else here has got your setup - I know its possible to stream HD content (that is encripted) from a HDR to a HD so I would assume that HDR to HDR would also be fine but i'm not sure.

Black Hole

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No, you're using the standard DLNA service. It should work fine (content sharing has to be turned on of course, which it is). FTP is no use for accessing an HD/HDR-FOX from another HD/HDR-FOX (they do not have FTP clients, and the HD-FOX doesn't even have an FTP server).

You could try eliminating a few things, like run a long Cat5 directly between the boxes if possible.
Problem solved.
I ran a long cat5 between the boxes and it works great. Plays everything perfectly.
The problem seems to be the belkin power line home plugs. My house is very small and the distance from the socket downstairs to upstairs is about 20 feet. Both are plugged directly Into the wall socket.
Thanks for your help with this. I may run a permainant cable connection or dump the Belkin for a better more reliable product, or wifi.

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I would't buy replacement homeplugs without making sure that the replacements will work first (Possibly by borrowing someone elses), I say this because if there is noise / interferance on you Mains wiring the replacements are also likely to fail. Try a USB WiFi dongle they're cheaper anyway.
Thanks again for your help. I decided to go Wifi and purchased the Edimax Ew-7711UAn adaptor. It works great now. Thanks again.