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Hi , I am new to the forum and had a look around for the answer to this before posting the question in the introductions section as my first post ; another member has suggested it might be better posting it here . Please forgive the duplication - here is my question copy/pasted

Hello -

I just discovered this website and have spent the last half hour browsing to see if I could find the answer to a question I've had in my mind for a while .

At work , we have two HDR-FOX T2 PVR's , which are used for off-air recording to catch anything newsworthy and relevant to my employer ; anything relevant which is picked up is then dubbed to a DVD recorder and archived on disc .

We try to continually record four channels : BBC1 , BBC News , ITV and Sky News . This means that during the week I manually set the recorders to run for 24 hours at a time , and over weekends or longer periods not in the office I have to programme them from the EPG to record everything over that period .

Is there a simple way , using custom software to enable the recorders to start recording manually , and just keep recording until the HDD is full ( which would give about a week and a half with the 1Tb drives our units have ) ; or even better , to record continuously and when the drive is full overwrite the oldest material first ?

I know this is a very basic mode of operation , but can the machines be modified to do this ?

At home I also have the HD-FOX2 receiver , and the FOXSAT HD receiver , both of which are currently connected to my Samsung smart TV via HDMI and by ethernet to my network , as well as to a pair of Samsung HDD/DVD recorders for recording off air ( the two receivers were bought after the digital changeover as the recorders have only analogue tuners and this was a way of keeping them in service ) - but , of course , linked to the recorders only by scart results in only SD recording .

Not having yet tried connecting external HDD's to the receivers , I presume the functionality will be similar to that of the PVR's at work , and I note that I will need to decrypt recordings if I want to archive anything over my network to the video drives accessed via my Macs ? I won't need the continuous recording facility at home since these machines are only for my own personal use .

Any comments will be much appreciated .

Kind regards

Derek .


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The ir package, a cron job to start/stop recordings and an auto-expire setting on the relevant folder to get rid of them ought to do the job (no I haven't tried it to see what I've forgotten).

Derek Heeps

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Prpr , I will do a bit of further reading to better understand your reply , then will give it a try .

This is all new to me .