Convert TS files to AVI and preserve Dolby Digital audio


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Apologies if this isn't the correct forum, but it seemed like the most appropriate one.

I'm really enjoying the custom firmware and web interface, and it's great to be able to get my HD TS files off my hummy. However, I'm completely unable to find any software that can convert the TS files into a more usual format (AVI is what I normally use for my DLNA server) and maintain the Dolby Digital audio which I see is broadcast on some HD films etc.

I have a nice surround sound amp, and I don't like the way all conversion software I can find (AVS video converter, Freemake Video Converter etc) downscale the audio to 2 channel MP3.

Does anyone know of any software out there that can preserve the proper audio during conversion? It seems crazy to me that you can't just leave the audio the same as the source. The AVS converter support staff even told me they have no plans to add support for this in any future update!

Thanks for you time.
Take a look in the Index, under Miscellaneous... Video File Support & Manipulation... Editing & Burning. There are several existing topics which might answer your question or be suitable for continuing the discussion.

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Yes, Handbrake preserves multi-channel audio

Thanks! A nice little piece of software. I'm still confused by the audio though, as I have an HD recording off the Humax which comes up as 'Dolby Digital' on my Onkyo amp when it's played. But in Handbrake the audio is listed as (LATM AAC 2 channel). I thought Dolby Digital was 5.1 surround?

I've tried to do some research on what all the audio codecs and acronyms mean, but it's an absolute mindmelt :)

So I suppose my question is, are any broadcast tv programmes in more than 2 channel audio?
Yes multi-channel programs are transmitted (Only on the HD channels) but not on every program. There are lots of settings in Handbreak, you need to select Audio - passthru rather than something that does a 'Mixdown'. Here are before and after details using Handbreak