copy favourites between HDRs?


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Been chasing a problem for a few days with the [rs] not showing any EPG data for one of my HDRs. After a bit of investigating, I found that the HDR had lost its favourites group.
I always find setting up the favourites a pain to setup. Since my other HDR has the same configuration (except for the schedule of course), I wondered if there was any way of transferring settings between the two?
If not, I will probably take the who schedule backup across; I would rather manually re-enter the recording schedule than faf around with trying to setup the favourites list.

Ezra Pound

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The backup files for schedule and favorites are held here :-
A *.rbk file can be copied from one Humax to another


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Thanks Ezra, that was what I had had in mind in my last line, but knew that each backup was just a single file.
It was only when I looked in the files, that I realised that they were just text and easy to identify the schedule, favourites and other parts. So it was easy to find the favourites list from a backup a few days ago and merge it into a copy of a fresh backup to create a "fixed" backup that I could restore. Favourites are now back and an rs/sync diagnostic brings the EPG back to the [rs].