Copy to HDD, playback/edit on PC... problem


It must be a simple issue...

I am copying the files from the PVR onto a USB HDD, then copying from the HDD to my PC so I can edit/reencode.

But why do the files not play back on my PC when doing this?
The files are not HD.
The files appear not to be otherwise encrypted (hmt file address 0x3DC = x04).

When I copy across via the network, the files playback OK and I can use avidemux with no problem. I don't want to do this for everything as the transfer speed is pitiful, hence wanting to use USB instead.

Everything I have read suggests I shouldn't have a problem. What did I miss?
it won't open in avidemux.
What I may have done wrong is cut/paste from within the cfw browser, and not on the box itself. Could this break it?
If you are using CFW to cut and paste from the HDD to the USB then you are bypassing the hummy copy process, so it won't decrypt.
Have you thought of using CFW decrypt first.
Have you thought of using CFW decrypt first.

Nope, not until you mentioned it, and then I went and saw the option for myself. So all is well and good. Copying using the box will be better from a batch perspective (though the auto-decrypt could now be used as I gain more familiarity with the CFW), but good to learn about other options too.
Thanks Harvey & Martin