Copying files from T2 to Windows via wifi


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I have installed the plugin that is meant to allow me to copy files to the computer and possibly back again, the problem is it just doesn't seem to want to work, I've given the humax the ip address, which stays the same, the humax is on a fixed ip address, as it uses a separate wifi router for high speed connections but it seems to never want to work, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong as under nfs shares, which I believe is what I should be using the share is appearing in the copy to box, but it never seems to copy, and instead a new root folder on the pvr has appeared with the share name, and under smb, I've tried the same settings etc and it just doesn't budge.

Also, I did think I had the windows networking plugin installed, but this seems to have stopped working when the media server still appears in the list, I'm not sure if it helps, the router is using an internal ip address system of 192.168.1.** but appears on the home network as 192.168.0.** if I run the PC on the same subnet it use to appear, but then the pvr's were all using the first subnet, which is not what I wanted, so I had to switch the wifi router dns server off, and it now appears on the same one as the pc's but now it's not appearing in the network list under conputers and the ftp transfer process is exceedingly slow even on a router with the humax talking at 54mbps when it's capable of 150mbps (Does anyone know why it's so slow - It's a new TP Link router) and the humax is on a different floor in almost direct line of site to the wifi router.

So really has anyone got instructions to get the copy function to work as explained and any reason why the wifi only talks at 54mbps when it's got a 100mb compatiable dongle in the rear talking to a high speed wifi router?

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First thing: can you access iPlayer from the Humax via its TV portal? It's going to be pretty tricky for us to sort out your networking problems, but yes as far as I know you do need everything on your home network to be on the same subnet (unless you want to operate effectively two independent networks).

A WiFi network runs at the speed of the slowest device on it (or less).

The samba package should make the Humax discoverable on a Windows network (SMB), not NFS.

Copying files off using the Windows file manager will not decrypt them (they will need to be decrypted first). Downloading them via the WebIF media browser download option will decrypt them in the process of download, only web browser access required (network file sharing unnecessary).

References (click links):

Things Every... section 5
More Decryption
WebIF (see Browse Media Files.. OPT+ Options, and note greyed-out "Decrypt" option in the file menu)


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Hi, iplayer works fine, FTP file transfers are sometimes troublesome coming off and going on are ok. Also media sharing works fine, and I've set the main folders to auto decrypt but I've also got Videoredo tv suite installed on the PC I use so basically that can handle .ts files from the pvr's.

If it helps, the pvr sits on and the other on .18 - to try and keep them close but also the PC sits on .06 or .08 normally. Also the computer name is: John if it helps with instructions on setting things up.

In regards to network speed, I didn't realise this, I'm most grateful as I may well see wether we could try switching off the slower hub to see if that would be of benefit for everyone involved.