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I had a crash last night and the message on the WI was something along the lines of "Box crashed. Some packages might have been disabled. Check crash.log"
The crash log is less than fully informative, giving me the time of the crash only (20:42). I appreciate that when the box crashes, it is probable that not much info can be gleaned, but a clue as to the possibly disabled packages and how to re-enable them would be really useful. (Pretty please).

PS. Or a link to where the info can be found.:)
Agreed, this would certainly be useful. Most things continue to work as normal (for me at least) after a crash / reboot but I worked out from the dramatic change in Sysmon disk temp charts that the 'fan' package is among those disabled. To get it working again seemed to need a full power-off restart.


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Strange, my HDD is running at its 'normal' temp of 38/9 with no power cycle. As it was OK when I powered it up this morning, it seems that the overnight wake up woke it up.
It is possible I made 2+2=5; the HDR concerned runs a 2Tb Seagate pipeline and lives in a poorly ventilated 'media' cabinet. Without the fan package it will reach the 55C point where the 'normal' fan operation steps up. The custom fan plug-in controls this to a stable 42/3 but after a crash/reboot it was reaching 55C again so I guessed that 'fan' had been disabled somehow. A power-off reboot fixed it.


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From memory the package disabling only activates if the box crashes two or three times in a row within a minute or two of boot - which would suggest that something in the cfw was causing it to crash. So if you check the crash log and it only shows a single crash at the time, and/or the uptime before the crash is more than a few minutes, then it is unlikely to have disabled anything. Doesn't mean that there isn't a problem with a package, possibly the cause of the crash, but that's a single problem.

All that said, I do agree that it would be nice if the system could be more precise about what has been deliberately disabled - presumably it must know what it's doing when it does that.

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Just run the fix-flash-packages diagnostic (it's on the drop-down list in WebIF >> Diagnostics >> Run diagnostic). It would be nice to be told that though, rather than left hanging.

The reason these packages are disabled is to prevent an unbreakable cycle of crashes if a flash-installed package is responsible for the crashes. If the crashes resume after the flash packages are "fixed", you know it's one of them causing it.


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Just do this:
humax# touch /var/lib/humaxtv/mod/no_plugin_autodisable
and then ignore the bl**dy stupid message for ever more as it will never apply.

Although I know I set this flag on all my boxes, now that I check I don't find it on any of them, so it looks like something has auto-deleted it for some reason.
I wonder what and why. Very Microsoft-esque :mad:.