Crash Wait Reboot problem


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I have 2 HDR-Fox T2's and a QNAP NAS. Both T2's can see each other and the QNAP and have been playing media without any problems until today.

One of the T2's (with CF 2.18) locks up the screen and displays Crash Wait then reboots when I try to connect to the other T2 (with CF 2.12). Its fine if I connect to the QNAP. The second T2 can connect to the first OK.

I have power cycled the misbehaving T2 but cannot get it connect.

Any ideas?




Sounds to me like the kind of interference you get with Twonky 7.x on the QNAP. If you've recently upgraded the QNAP software (which includes the offending Twonky version), you can uninstall the Twonky 7 app and install the version 6 app (downloadable from the net).

After I upgraded one QNAP, my HDR would boot, crash, reboot and be stable for a period until you tried to control it in any way (e.g. change channel, open WebIF). After turning off Twonky 7 and a restart, all was well.


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Hi Shaggy. The QNAP hasn't been upgraded so its still on ver 6 of Twonky. I'll turn it off to test just in case.


Today my brother's new box started doing just this or similar, saying - "Crash - Restart in ...."
or something similar. Just installed it yesterday and all was fine, but now today it was doing this.

Strange as no Twonky server on the network, but then I noticed he had powered down his network switch.
Ethernet still attached - unplugged Ethernet and all seems OK again !
Must have been some polling thing getting upset by the un-powered switch !?!