crashes and reboots on certain channels?


Hello, My Fox T2 crashes and reboots on certain channels, eg channel 18 Music crashes almost every time after a few mins of viewing. what can I do to fix this? I have the latest custom firmware. thanks

Ezra Pound

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This website :- shows the following comment against channel 18 Music :-
"Kerrang/Kiss/Magic on red button (IPTV)" so maybe the problem is the IPTV content, as it is known that IPTV channels don't work on the Humax and some of them cause it to crash. Red button icons can usually be avoided by watching in 'chase play' mode where the user presses pause followed by play


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The latest unofficial firmwares 1.03.06 & 1.03.11 don't seem to have the crashing problem with iptv channels


I see Barry said "No not IPTV.".... but doesn't allude to what the fix is that nobody else has spotted as yet [as at 18:00 on 25/01/14]. Boy's toys and special connections etc.

Interesting on the IPTV will have a look.