Custom Firmware doesn't seem to 'stick' (HD-FOX T2)


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I've probably missed something glaringly obvious, but for whatever reason I don't seem to be able to get the custom firmware working. I updated to the latest Humax firmware, which worked fine, but when I try to install the latest custom firmware over it, everything seems to be fine, but nothing appears different. The custom portal doesn't come up when I go into the Humax portal, and I can't seem to telnet into the box, it just says it can't open a connection to the host. I'm definitely using the correct IP as stated in the box's settings.
I'm perplexed!

Is there a surefire way to check that the custom firmware has 'stuck'?
How are you doing now? You shouldn't need to use Telnet, but you will need to access the Web Interface using a web browser.

To check for sillies: you do have an external USB drive attached, and have used the HD-FOX to format it?
All working like a charm now, the Web interface is fine and the custom portal is running great.
I was concerned that the old laptop drive in an icybox I'm using was a problem, but even that's all good.