Custom Firmware - EPG Layout Request


Is there any way the EPG can be shown per channel in the following format as per the BBC's site?

You can get the Web-If EPG to display a single channel like this :- Link HERE

I understand that but what I'm after is a channel view that shows the full week of 1 channel as the BBC's website does with each hour down the left and then a split as to what is on between that and the next hour.

Not bothered about the synopsis (would be nice to be able to toggle it if required) but would just like to be able to see a whole channel for the week ahead.

It's definitely possible... I'll have a look at it when I get a minute.
I misunderstood - I imagined a full all-channel Radio Times. Currently the single channel EPG takes 8 seconds.

I like the suggestion, particularly as it is only a reorganisation of the same data, and it should play well on a touch screen.
It's probably my fault I should have linked to the page on the BBC site.

I like the idea of it because the shows I listen to are always on at the same time (radio 4 comedy) so it's easy to see what's on in a few seconds.

I currently do this on the BBC site but of course then have to switch back to the Humax or Webif/RS to add recordings.

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I reckon it will take a while to load!
There are a couple of options.. I'll try rendering it on the server side (Humax) first but if it turns out to be slow then I have the option to get the browser to do the heavy lifting and just have the Humax send the raw data across. The epg utility can already output the data in JSON format.
Seems fast enough (I've found some optimisations in other EPG related code too!) - structure in place, just need to format the content then I'll have a test version ready... enough for tonight though!
Mmm! Something strange has happened to my EPG. I have lost BBC1 and 2. If I switch to Now/next I only lose BBC1.
It seems that BBC1 had been removed from my favourites list (not by me!). I have put it back in but although it is in the correct position at the top of the list, it appears last in the webif EPG (Fav1) I have yet to find a way of getting it back to the head of the list.