Custom firmware + new recordings = blank screen


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Hi All,
I'm running:

Web interface version: 1.0.7-7
Custom firmware version: 2.19 (build 1815)
Humax Version: 1.03.06

I've copied a bunch of TS streams to an external drive and am in the process of re-encoding them to MP4s, but both original recordings which I've copied, and new recordings since I copied the TS files off and removed the external HDD now refuse to play with:

"The channel is scrambled or not available."

The installed packages tab also shows the following software installed:

auto-unprotect 1.0.8
auto-update 1.0.0
ffmpeg 0.10
webif 1.0.7-7

Any ideas? My kids are going mental over their lack of Scooby Doo!

Thanks in advance....



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Auto-unprotect, only removes the encryption flag (enc) it does not actually decrypt the recordings. IIRC. How did you copy the files off the Hummy?
To decrypt the recordings you can use auto-decrypt which is part of the WebIf package. If you 'right-click' on a folder or file in the /media/MyVideo directory you will see the options available there.

Sadly, I think you have wasted your time copying them without first decrypting them.

I have no idea why your original recordings now fail to play, sorry.


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The Humax sometimes gets confused and, we suspect, loses it's encryption keys. It's rare but a complete power down and back up should fix it.