Custom Firmware?

Hi All.

Is there any custom firmware that can be installed on youview boxes? I have a BT box I am wanting to run universal or custom firmware on it so it no longer relies on BT but performs as an everyday usable PVR.

Is this possible?


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A BT branded Youview box does not rely on BT for everyday use. If you plug it into another internet provider the software will automatically adapt after 1 or 2 boots. The software will stay the same it will just change the branding and open/close some ISP dependent options. Both the manufacturer and the Youview component software would stay on the same versions.

The only aspect that the BT branding governs is the timing of the updates.

You stated that you want an everyday usable PVR but I'm not sure what you are really after. Are you saying that you don't find it usable? There is no custom firmware for it but even if there were (which there isn't) it may not resolve any issues you are having.


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Hi Luke,

Thanks for your reply. Basically I am looking at using it as a standalone freeview receiver, knowing BT, I know there former boxes would require an enforced update before it would be useable, say after 6 months of no update it would lock up. I just wanted to see if by leaving BT I could keep the box useable, or, buy one from ebay perhaps under different branding, and run it seperately on our network / freeview connection elsewhere.


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There are many ex BT customer boxes being used connected to alternative ISP providers. Although I don't use a Youview box in earnest I have one setup to a non-BT ISP and still no issues after 21 months.

I also bought a different ex-customer BT model early last year for parts. It initially had the BT player option on the menu but that was removed after a second reboot as the Youview software did what Youview intended it to do, i.e. behave just like a retail Youview box. Last week when I connected it to check the display brilliance I had a brief play with it and it was still behaving as intended by Youview.

I can't see this situation changing soon. For starters BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Arqiva and TalkTalk are still part of the Youview consortium.