Custom software questions

Brian Mallalieu

New Member
I have a FOXSATHDR Ref. 26408 (2009), with System ID 3768.0000, current S/W version HPRSFC1 1.00.21 --- Does it qualify for your custom software please?

Some of the files on my HDD are possibly corrupted, having a blue ikon on the RHS that looks like a torn piece of paper?, and I cannot delete them without causing a disastrous chain of events! The system locks up and the media display is blank, and cannot change channel etc. So, I have to go through the restore procedure of switch off, remove aerials, and switch back on, and if successful then switch off/restore aerials/switch on (& sometimes if not successful I have to return to factory reset. It's a pain of course, so I avoid touching the files! Is there any other safe way of deleting the files in question with your software?

Also, if I do qualify for your software, should I set the Humax into Non-FreeSAT mode or not?
Yes, you can install custom firmware on your HDR. You do not need to put the box into non-freesat mode. Once you have done so you should run the fix-disk utility to check for, and fix any hard disk errors. This requires that you access the HDR via a telnet session and enter fix-disk from the command prompt.