Customised Firmware for FVP-4000T??

Frank S

New Member
1) Does it look possible to do customised firmware for the FVP-4000T?

2) Are there plans to do this?

(I am assuming there is not any at the moment.)
It looks like it would be hard to do.
I'm not aware of any plans to do it.
...bearing in mind the existing CFs were not easy either, but at least there was a means that is not apparent with the FVP-4000T.
Another reason why I will still be keeping my HDR Fox's running for as long as they last - though I'm appreciating the FVP-4000 ability to record three different programs
The FVP-4000T has the ability to record Four different programmes, and watch a Fifth.

Subject to Multiplex - add using 3 Mux. Each tuner can demux two from one mux, so maximum number of muxes for simultaneous recordings is 3. You can of course watch a existing recording whatever you are recording.