De-Dup Include show name?


At the moment De-Dup renames the file to the show's 'title', I want it to rename to 'Show - Title' Eg

Peppa Pig - Danny's Pirate Party
rather than just
Danny's Pirate Party
That will be possible to do using sweeper in the next version which should be released in an hour or two!
With sweeper version 2.0.11 you can construct a rule-set like this which should achieve what you want. It can't handle more than one duplicate as written though and will end up leaving all but the first alone. I'd fix that by changing the action on the first rule to delete and if undelete was installed then the duplicates would end up in the bin.

!flag Deduped fileexists {%asfilename/%title - %epname/.ts} action {movecreate %folder/_Duplicates}
!flag Deduped action {renamefile {%title - %epname}}
lastrule "" action {settitle {%title - %epname}}
lastrule "" action {flag dedup}

or, in the GUI:

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