De-dup/tidy options?


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Are there any configuration options for the de-duplication/tidy features? I just spotted the function but I'm not quite ready to hit the button yet.

Firstly I have some recordings of Cracker:
Cracker_20130908_0035 One_Day_a_Lemming_Will_Fly_(Part_2) One Day a Lemming Will Fly (Part 2)
Cracker_20130406_0106 To_Say_I_Love_You_(Part_3) To Say I Love You (Part 3)

I'd like the tidy/rename to start with the programme name e.g. "Cracker - To Say I Love You (Part 3)"; I know the folder's called Cracker but still I'd prefer to retain the programme name in the filename and title.

Secondly, and perhaps rather more ambitiously, I wonder whether it might be possible to use the programme CRIDs and/or the IMDB API to get more information - especially the series number - and more consistency. Here's my Family Guy folder:
New_ Family Guy_20130804_2225 200_Episodes_Later 200 Episodes Later
Family Guy_20130906_2326 7_18._Brian_Writes_a_Bestseller 7/18. Brian Writes a Bestseller
Family Guy_20130909_2303 Peter's_Got_Woods Peter's Got Woods
New_ Family Guy_20130811_2203 Joe's_Revenge Joe's Revenge
Family Guy_20130906_2304 Space_Cadet Space Cadet
New_ Family Guy_20130908_2203 Brian's_Play Brian's Play
Family Guy_20130908_2225 8_18._New_Kidney_in_Town 8/18. New Kidney in Town
New_ Family Guy_20130818_2202 Lois_Comes_Out_of_her_Shell Lois Comes Out of her Shell
Family Guy_20130907_2257 17_21._He's_Too_Sexy_for_His_Fat 17/21. He's Too Sexy for His Fat
New_ Family Guy_20130825_2202 Friends_without_Benefits Friends without Benefits
New_ Family Guy_20130901_2201 Space_Cadet Space Cadet Duplicate
Family Guy_20130909_2325 Jungle_Love Jungle Love
New_ Family Guy_20130728_2205 The_Old_Man_and_the_Big_'C' The Old Man and the Big 'C'
Family Guy_20130825_2223 5_18._Baby,_You_Knock_Me_Out 5/18. Baby, You Knock Me Out
New_ Family Guy_20130915_2200 Jesus,_Mary_and_Joseph Jesus, Mary and Joseph

I'd rather be renaming to e.g. "S11, Ep9 - Space Cadet" and "S9, Ep5 - Baby, You Knock Me Out" (as well as having the option of prepending "Family Guy - " as above).

Would either of these be possible?