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I think that I may have killed my machine.

Yesterday a picture frame fell off the wall and crash landed on the cables at the back of the T2. Later on when I powered up, I got the message missing or encrypted signal on all channels. Looking at the aerial sockets I noticed that the antenna out socket had been bent downward by the strain on the cable, but the antenna in looked OK. Pass through was still working.

Oddly,I tried to connect via the CF but the connection failed. I later found that the DHCP has set itself to automatic and changed the IP address. Setting it back to manual restored the connection, so probably not related to the problem.

Everything else seems to work. recordings play OK etc. I am currently decrypting everything, preparing for transfer to another machine or a spare disc.

Attempted re-tunes resulted in no signal found. Is it time for the recyle bin?
Maybe, but true! Its part of a daisy chain that still functions.

PS Sysmon isn't working- permanent loading.
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Once decryption is complete I'd do the infamous power down, mains off, wait .... mains on, etc.,. to see if anything helpful occurs - assuming you haven't tried it already.

My TV signal is so high that RF passthrough appears to work when the -T2 mains is off for most multiplexes (72 dBuV/m from Sandy Heath is predicted). i.e. I get direct cable pickup of the transmitter on the coax leads (and decent screened ones). So also check that mains on/off really makes a difference to the RF signal. Often worth fettling (or remaking) any TV plugs as well.

If still dead tuners I'd open her up and see if there's any mechanical damage around the tuners area that may be repairable.
Anyway, it sounds like you have b*ggered the tuner can somehow (have you tried the signal strength diagnostics
I am not surprised that the tuner was damaged by providing a soft landing for the falling picture frame, but was puzzled that the coms and Sysmon were corrupted. They were both working the day before..

I had checked the signal strength by the hidden menu and not surprisingly, no signal was recorded. Thanks for the suggested fix for sysmon, I will try it out (for interest, as the box is scrap) when I have more time and report back.
Sounds interesting. I will disassemble later to see what's involved.
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Forgive my ignorance, have I done something wrong? Sysmon still doesn't work
No. I guess the easiest thing to do is just delete the database and let it start from scratch - rm /mod/monitor/monitor.db
A sudden impact could have shaken connections lose so I would attempt to reseat all connectors especially around the tuners
That was the things I checked. I have since completely stripped out the main board . There is no visible signs of damage except for the antenna out socket.
It's hard to see how just that could account for all the symptoms you have indicated (which is what I was hinting at in the first place). There must be other problems unconnected with the physical damage.
I wonder if, before I attempt any surgery, it is worth reloading the firmware from scratch. The logic being that there may be more corruptions lurking elsewhere.

Having examined the board, a tuner transplant looks to be do-able, with a good solder removal tool and a little patience. I may look around for a spare donor if all else fails.
I have completed the substitution of both tuners with spares kindly supplied by BH - many thanks. This is not an easy task and is not recommended without specialist tools and lots of patience.

I still have a problem. When attempting a manual tune, the selected muxes show around 60% strength and 100% quality, which is normal and similar to a sister machine. These fall to zero when the aerial is removed. This leads me to suppose that the tuners are working OK, however, no channels are found on search.

The hidden menu shows no signal for either tuner, which could possibly be due to the signal being measured in a different area of the hardware. Without circuit diagrams, I can't make much more progress, so would welcome any further suggestions before I give up.
Oh dear. That means there is must be some other part of the circuit no longer functional, heavens knows what.
Before giving up, try a factory reset now that you've changed the tuners. (In case the old tuners info are held somewhere and it's now confused.)