Decrypt Failed - File In Use

Unable to upgrade right now. And this way I can be sure the problem is fixed, since it only occurs on a fraction of recordings. I'm pretty sure NCIS will have a problem, as everyone so far (since the problem started) has had the issue.
At least if the issue stops straight after upgrading then it confirms the fix.
I have also been experiencing the failed decrypting issue with an episode of 'Once Upon a Time' on Channel 5.

I have also seen many recordings fail with the 'power loss' message too (not confined to this show or channel). I don't know if there is any connection.

I shall upgrade everything and report back if it fixes either of these issues.
The Humax stores the PID of the PMT in the .hmt sidecar file and that has previously always matched the PMT in the PAT within the recording itself. For some reason something has changed and the two values no longer always match. I don't know why. The new version of stripts is content if the recording doesn't look encrypted and the PAT within it has any mapping for the programme. The check is now less robust than it was but it was probably over the top anyway.
I have a truncated decrypted file, the original recording was an hour long, the time line shows an hour, but the playback terminates at 10 minutes and the file is only 300MB. Unfortunately this is on HDR1 which is still running unencrypt, the unencrypt log doesn't seem to be working, and undelete isn't working because the disk is nearly full.

Perhaps it's time I ditched unencrypt in favour of Auto-decrypt. Actually, it's time I commissioned HDR4 to take over daily duty from HDR1.