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Decrypt help

Please explain how to switch of decrypt for me, I used to have recursive decrypt running on all my video folders but found it to be hit and miss, so switched it off and now all my recordings are decrypting. I have looked in my media folder and the icon that used to be there for recursive decrypt is not showing after I removed it. Any help on how to switch it of ?

Just found this it is how I had it originally and then I just did the reverse to stop it but it didn’t stop

To decrypt everything (wherever it is within My Video), use the WebIF media browser to view the Media folder (the top level) and set the "recursive auto-decrypt" flag on the OPT+ button for the My Video folder.
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Black Hole

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What? What do you mean "hit and miss"? I can't tell what you've done or not done from the above, it shouldn't be hit and miss and certainly is perfectly OK on my three machines.

The scheduling of recordings for decryption won't necessarily stop just because you clear the top level recursive decryption flag. You may have unwittingly set other flags elsewhere in the My Video folder tree. Go into WebIF >> Diagnostics and have a look through the logs - auto.log will tell you what it's doing and why it's doing it.

If all else fails try a reboot (or try a reboot anyway).
Ok all I am looking for is to stop decrypt, I have had a look at my video folder tree and nothing showing in there, auto logs shows me the files with decrypt, but not why they are decrypting. Tried a reboot will update after a few new recordings

Black Hole

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WebIF >> Settings >> Auto-Processing Settings >> Auto-processing log level

Set this to at least "Actions, errors and scan information". Then show us the log (after it has accumulated some info).
Thanks have now changed to the setting above that you asked, can I ask how to post as the last time I attached anything it came with my IP address
443220/05/2018 12:03:21 - Auto processing completed in 18.992 seconds.
443120/05/2018 12:03:21 - No mpg flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
443020/05/2018 12:03:20 - No mp3 flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
442920/05/2018 12:03:20 - No shrink flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
442820/05/2018 12:03:20 - No decrypt flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
442720/05/2018 12:03:20 - No sweeper flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
442620/05/2018 12:03:03 - No dedup flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
442520/05/2018 12:03:03 - No expire flags in filesystem, suppressing scan.
442420/05/2018 12:03:03 - Active flags: detectads
442320/05/2018 12:03:03 - Scan completed (0.772 seconds)
442220/05/2018 12:03:02 - Scanning media for flags...
442119/05/2018 23:50:05 - Renaming /media/My Video/Inspector Montalbano/New_ Inspector Montalbano_20180519_2100.ts to Inspector Montalbano_20180519_2100
442019/05/2018 23:50:05 - Setting title for /media/My Video/Inspector Montalbano/New_ Inspector Montalbano_20180519_2100.ts to Inspector Montalbano
441918/05/2018 23:41:22 - Resetting unwatched recording flag for /media/My Video/Drama/The Bridge
441818/05/2018 23:41:22 - Resetting unwatched recording flag for /media/My Video/The Bridge
441718/05/2018 23:41:22 - renameset(/media/My Video/The Bridge/The Bridge_20180518_2101.ts) -> /media/My Video/Drama/The Bridge
441618/05/2018 22:00:36 - Renaming /media/My Video/Lethal Weapon/New_ Lethal Weapon_20180518_2104-dec.ts to Lethal Weapon_20180518_2104-dec
441518/05/2018 22:00:36 - Setting title for /media/My Video/Lethal Weapon/New_ Lethal Weapon_20180518_2104-dec.ts to Lethal Weapon -Decrypt
441418/05/2018 22:00:35 - Renaming /media/My Video/Lethal Weapon/New_ Lethal Weapon_20180518_2104.ts to Lethal Weapon_20180518_2104
441318/05/2018 22:00:35 - Setting title for /media/My Video/Lethal Weapon/New_ Lethal Weapon_20180518_2104.ts to Lethal Weapon

If you look at the 18th of the month lethal weapon showed up in my media as 2 files 1 being decrypt


Ad detector
DetectAds requires a decrypted file so that it can detect ads so since the files are not being decrypted by auto-decrypt it is doing the decryption


The Dumb One
That might explain it. Probably BBC isn't 'fed to' detectads thus is not being decrypted whilst commercial channels are, which is possibly what's causing the OP's 'hit and miss'.
But had he answered BH's question in post #2, we might have known exactly what he meant by 'hit and miss'.:frantic:

@Robti Why do you want to turn off decryption anyway?
You hit the nail on the head although I didn’t know that at the time, I had recursive decrypt set up on all my video files and was only getting certain ones decrypting, I then had a think about it and decided that I would never need to decrypt anything so turned it off but then discovered that I was getting certain files decrypting, so asMymsMan said I have DetectAds running and that must be why I now have the 2 files showing up.
So I will double check the next time I have this problem that 1of the 2 has the Detectadds adds markers inserted and will update.
Many thanks for persevering with me


The Dumb One
You still haven't said why you want to turn off decryption?
....I have DetectAds running and that must be why I now have the 2 files showing up.
What two files? There should only be one when the detectads has run its course. If you were a bit more specific, it would be easier to help you.
Well I want to turn it off as I think I don’t need it, but just checked and I have 4 files from bbc4hd that have duplicate decrypt files that wee recorded in the last few days.
I would just like to know now why this is happening what settings have I inadvertently clicked

Black Hole

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The risk of deciding not to routinely decrypt all recordings is that if the HDR-FOX fails, so does the means to retrieve recordings from the HDD to transfer somewhere else. Also, practically any manipulation you may want to do through the custom firmware facilities is likely to require decryption first.

That said, we now know how to decrypt recordings without the original HDR-FOX, as long as its serial number and MAC are known.


The Dumb One
The risk of deciding not to routinely decrypt all recordings is that if the HDR-FOX fails, so does the means to retrieve recordings from the HDD to transfer somewhere else.
As said elsewhere by you and me BH. Who cares? It's only telly.

@Robti . Do you mean titles with the word 'decrypt' in their title? If so, I have had this, and I have put it down to watching the recording when it is still in progress, to time shift it and overcome the problem of the time shift buffer crashing out to live TV when the live programme finishes.
I assume that if this is done, when auto decrypt has finished (but you are still watching the recording), the auto decrypt cannot rename/move the files because it/they are in use so both files are left in the recording folder rather than the original moved to the bin and the 'decrypt' version being renamed. Could this be your 'problem?
Okay update I left a recording “emmerdale” last night on the hd variant and made sure not to watch it, so this morning i have 2 files 1 standard and 1 with decrypt in the title, I am just curious why this happens now and the only time I bother is if I record multiple items at once and then later find all these extra files
No, does this mean that that is what is causing the decrypt file, I should say that both files have correct adds bookmarks ?

Black Hole

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Detectads is causing the recording to be decrypted - no mystery there, and it has to do that to do its job. The mystery is why detectads isn't cleaning up properly. I suspect your installation is broken somehow.
Thanks so went back over my DetectAdds settings now that I know it has something to do with this plugin and I didn’t have the following on “Delete (move to bin) original recording after processing ?”. I have now turned this on and as a newbie as far as I can understand this will solve my problem. Although over the weekend I had 4 recordings on bbc4 hd with this problem so off to have a look at my setting again after I see if turning this setting on solves my problem, one step at a time so I don’t mess things up more. Many thanks to everyone for their patience and help


The Dumb One
Right then.
First of all, the recordings and the -crop files start off in the My Video folder but I have a rule set to move individual non-series recordings into the folder My Videos\!Video (so thet they get displayed in date order with most recent at the top on the SUI). .

I made sure that auto decrypt detectads was off in My Video folder, both individually and recursive.

I then started two recordings (with ads)
1. Everybody Loves Raymond
2. Nothing To Declare
Whilst they were recording, they had two files each in my web interface Media/My Video folder.
1a Everybody Loves Raymond_20180623_0800.ts
1b Everybody Loves Raymond20180623_0800-crop.ts
2a Nothing To Declare_20180623_0800.ts
2b Nothing To Declare_20180623_0800-crop.ts
All files showing 'In Use
I started playing Nothing To Declare whilst it was still recording

When recording and auto decrypt had finished but still playing Nothing To Declare I have

In my My Video folder:
Nothing To Declare_20180623_0800-crop.ts

In my Deleted items\detectads folder:
Everybody Loves Raymond_20180623_0800.ts
Nothing To Declare_20180623_0800.ts

After finishing watching Nothing To Declare and my rule had run, I was left with:

My Video\!Videos\Everybody Loves Raymond_20180623_0800.ts
My Video\!Videos\Nothing To Declare_20180623_0800-crop.ts

My Video\!Videos\[Deleted Items]\detectads\Nothing To Declare_20180623_0800.ts
My Video\!Videos\[Deleted Items]\detectads\Everybody Loves Raymond_20180623_0800.ts

The above is exactly what I supected would happen.

There were NO files with 'decrypt' in the programme names.
I suspect that Robti still has autodecrypt detectads still running somehow producing the files with 'decrypt in the name.
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The -decrypt files are solely due to detectads and nothing to do with autodecrypt

-crop files are only produced when the crop option is on, -dec files are produced when the programme has not already been decrypted

Normally decrypt or crop files will be renamed to the same name as the original if you have the delete original option specified but there are some occasions when they will still be kept.
- If the original is 'in use' since bookmarks cant be save whilst a recording is being played, (it may not actually be playback but some other Humax or CF process that has the file open but detectads cant tell the difference)
- The crop or decrypt file is inuse
- If there was a problem with decryption and the file length doesn't match the original

By default most BBC programmes will not be eligible for ad detection but will be if the BBC * has been removed from the exclusion list or you have specified the 'Enable Auto DetectAds' flag for the recording folder. For most purposes this flag is not necessary and should not be specified - certainly not on the My Video folder