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Decrypt Process Not Completing On Some Recordings

The decrypt process is not completing on some recordings with the latest updates.
It leaves a file ending with .ts.decrypting on the hdd and it does not complete the process of moving the original files to the _original folder.

The .ts.decrypting file does work however, and can be downloaded to your PC using Filezilla, so it has at least done the decrypting correctly.

The file size seems to be the cause of this, I have tested it on files larger that 4GB and the bug always occurs, but not on some smaller files.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Check the logs and see what's reported as causing it instead of guessing. WebIF >> Diagnostics >> View Log Files >> auto.log seems most likely, and you might have to increase the reporting level: WebIF >> Settings >> Auto-Processing Settings >> Auto-processing log level (although the basic level is probably sufficient to register why a file is locked).
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