Decrypting HD recordings (CFW 4.1.3)


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My HD recordings are still encrypted and I am, frankly, confused by all of the information on the Wiki and forum.

Could one of you kind folks please point an idiot in the direction of the packages I need to install?


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My HD recordings are still encrypted
It is not possible to decrypt existing recordings on a FOXSAT-HDR. Anything you have been reading about decryption in this forum (other than in this particular section, ie specifically for FOXSAT), and in the wiki associated with this forum, relates to the HDR-FOX T2 and HD-FOX T2 ONLY. This is clearly spelled out:
The information below applies to HDR-FOX only. For HD-FOX see HERE (click). HDR-1800T and HDR-2000T users see footnote 10. Neither does this apply to FOXSAT-HDR, for which there is no means of decryption after a recording is made (for info see HERE - click).

"Nowster's Patch" hacks the FOXSAT-HDR so that it treats HiDef satellite services as if they were StDef, and recordings are made unencrypted.
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Has anyone ever tried running an encrypted Foxsat recording through stripts using the MAC address/ serial number combination that the HDR-FOX uses as an encryption key? The Foxsat is slightly older than the HDR-FOX and they may have used the same encryption method and key generation formula.

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Worth a try, but note the sidecar files might need to be patched differently than HDR-FOX - that should not affect external playback though.