Dedicated OSX / Apple Thread


Just though this might be a good idea to exchange tips & tricks for those on OSX. I didn't see anything dedicated on the Wiki. If there already is a thread im sure Black Hole will let me know!

I'm on Snow Leopard due to a wifi issue I had on Lion. Turns out it was hardware related and replacing the network adapter has resolved my issues so im going to goto Mountain Lion next week.

Does anyone know if the Humax is mounting OK as a share on ML? I found it didnt work on Lion - I believe apple messed around with smb shares.

It works in SL but can be tricky. Dragging a folder will often give eror message 'there is not enough free space' and if you press replace it will start to copy but 5/10 times it will throw up an error before completion. Happened to me today backing up 50gb of music, with an error after 9gb transfered. (I tend to use my HDR as a backup for my backups)

Most of the time I use Filezilla FTP client with the standard settings. (pass is 0000)

For encoding MKV to mp4 i use mkv2vob

with the following settings. I find It works well but seems to crash on large mkv's - over 8gbs but ive only tried a few. I mostly go for the smaller sized mkv files / 720p

On my old itouch 2g I used Buzz Player to stream but clearly something isnt working when I try it now, all videos are green & pixalated (audio works) - what are people using to stream to itouch or iphones?
hummy4.jpg hummy5.jpg

Anything else of use? I havent used telnet or anything before, keen to hear what else I can do.

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Macs and Telnet have been mentioned a few times, but this seems worthwhile to me (not that I'm a Mac user)!
I'm on mountain lion and cant connect to my humax by connecting to server then smb:<ipaddress>.
Always get a connection failed message - The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported.
I can see it in network but I get the same message when I try to browse it.

It works fine on my Windows 7 machine.

I've never used mkv2vob, I've just downloaded it and will give it a try.
I tend to stick with handbrake, using one of the apple tv profiles tends to work well for me.

I always telnet and ftp from my mac (2011 iMac) as I sometimes have problems with corrupt files from Windows7.


I'm using OSX 10.4.11. I've installed XBMC and that will happily see the Humax, browse files and replay content.

I've also just installed the custom firmware and several packages including the Samba one - I can now see the Humax and browse files in Finder. Can't actually play them as there is no working version of VLC plugin for my Mac but XBMC will do that. So far just exploring but I assume with Samba installed I can now copy music and picture files from the Mac to the HDR - though I'm not sure it's something I'll use much.


Spoke too soon - just fired up the HDR to check and can no longer see in Finder! WbiF is fine so network connection is OK.

Now what exactly did I do yesterday?.......


Just rebooted ( via WebiF ) and Humax now visible on Mac so maybe Samba package a bit flaky?

Anyway, copied a few pictures and some music and will see how it plays later.


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I'd be interested in an Apple based thread being an OS X and iOS user.

I've only had my HDR-FOX T2 for 2-days but it's already modified.
I just installed the samba package (i'm running ML) and the Humax shows up in Finder but I get the "version not supported message" too
I use Filezilla too and that seems to work well for me.

BTW, I've used Buzz Player on my iPhone too, also Good Player seems pretty good as well.

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I think you probably need nfs rather than samba, smb is the Windows way of network file sharing.


I just installed the samba package (i'm running ML) and the Humax shows up in Finder but I get the "version not supported message"
Apple replaced the Samba server with their own in Lion. Their implementation of the SMB server does not interoperate with older clients such as the one provided in the Humax samba package. You can either install SMBUp (works on Lion, haven't tried on Mountain Lion) or simply use NFS instead of SMB.


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ive been trying to browse my imac videos or iphoto photos (using iphoto plugin)
from xbmc on my appleTV
never been able to do it yet
have sharing turned on, on mountain lion
entered imac's ip address and username and password only
was a box called 'shared' entered nothing in there (dont know what that is lol)
and not really network tech savy if im honest
dont really understand anything that you guys have said above!
not really asking for help with it (its already caused me too much stress lol) just interested in the thread