Dedup series helper files


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I installed the custom firmware on my humax hdr last week and it mostly working great how ever I'm having a problem with series helper files for the dedup part of webif.
I've made a a couple of the files based off info from on some episodes the names come out fine initially but when dedup runs again it changes them again, its easier to explain with an example:
1st time through dedup -> S1E01:_Pilot
2nd time through dedup -> Pilot_S1E01:_Pilot
3rd time through dedup stays the same as 2nd time

the relevant entries I created look like
Pilot ==> S1E01
Ghosts ==> S1E02

anyone got any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong or link to a guide on how to create these files properly? My problem only seems to occur with episodes with short names

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Ok Upon further investigation its not the series helper files I made that's causing the problem its just how dedup works.
To test I took the big bang theory file made by af123 from h**p:// / series / (link broken due to not having 10 posts yet)
made a copy of one of my big bang theory episodes and using opt+ on webif changed its filename, title and synopsis to match the pilot episode
ran "De-duplicate/tidy this folder" a couple of times and ended up with Pilot_S1-01:_Pilot.


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Sorry for the delay in replying. Finally have a real keyboard on which to type again!

There's a last step to the dedup process which tries to check that it has come up with something sensible. All it does, though, is check that the final name is at least 10 characters long. If it isn't, then the original name is added to the end again.

That step could be moved to after the processing of the series helper file then it should work as you expect.
I'll fix that in the next update to the webif package.

Ezra Pound

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I have a Series Helper File for Shaun the Sheep if anyone is interested
Off the Baa! ==> S1-01
Bathtime ==> S1-02
Shape Up With Shaun ==> S1-03
Timmy In A Tizzy ==> S1-04
Scrumping ==> S1-05
Still Life ==> S1-06
Mower Mouth ==> S1-07
Take Away ==> S1-08
The Bull ==> S1-09
Saturday Night Shaun ==> S1-10
The Kite ==> S1-11
Little Sheep of Horrors ==> S1-12
Buzz off Bees ==> S1-13
Fleeced ==> S1-14
Shaun Shoots the Sheep ==> S1-15
Big Top Timmy ==> S1-16
Fetching ==> S1-17
Mountains out of Molehills ==> S1-18
Who's the Mummy? ==> S1-19
Things that go Bump ==> S1-20
Troublesome Tractor ==> S1-21
Hiccups ==> S1-22
Bitzer Puts His Foot In It ==> S1-23
Heavy metal Shaun ==> S1-24
Sheep on the Loose ==> S1-25
Washday ==> S1-26
Tooth Fairy ==> S1-27
Camping Chaos ==> S1-28
Save The Tree ==> S1-29
Shaun the Farmer ==> S1-30
Sheepwalking ==> S1-31
The Farmer's Niece ==> S1-32
Stick with Me ==> S1-33
If You Can't Stand the Heat ==> S1-34
Tidy Up ==> S1-35
The Visitor ==> S1-36
Helping Hound ==> S1-37
Snore-Worn Shaun ==> S1-38
Abracadabra ==> S1-39
Shaun Encounters ==> S1-40
Double Trouble ==> S2-01
Draw the Line ==> S2-02
Sheepless Nights ==> S2-03
Spring Lamb ==> S2-04
Strictly No Dancing ==> S2-05
Who's the Caddy? ==> S2-06
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow ==> S2-07
Bagpipe Buddy ==> S2-08
Supersized Timmy ==> S2-09
Lock Out ==> S2-10
Cheetah Cheater ==> S2-11
Ewe've Been Framed ==> S2-12
Bitzer's New Hat ==> S2-13
Hide and Squeak ==> S2-14
Frantic Romantic ==> S2-15
Everything Must Go ==> S2-16
Party Animals ==> S2-17
Cat Got Your Brain ==> S2-18
Two's Company ==> S2-19
In the Doghouse ==> S2-20
The Boat ==> S2-21
What's Up, Dog ==> S2-22
Cock-a-Doodle Shaun ==> S2-23
Bitzer's Basic Training ==> S2-24
Chip off the old Block ==> S2-25
Pig Trouble ==> S2-26
Bitzer from the Black Lagoon ==> S2-27
Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti ==> S2-28
Whistleblower ==> S2-29
The Big Chase ==> S2-30
The Magpie ==> S2-31
Operation Pidsley ==> S2-32
Pig Swill Fly ==> S2-33
Shirley Whirley ==> S2-34
Foxy Laddie ==> S2-35
Shaun goes Potty ==> S2-36
An Ill Wind ==> S2-37
Fireside Favourite ==> S2-38
Snowed In ==> S2-39
We Wish Ewe A Merry Christmas ==> S2-40
The Stand Off ==> S3-01
The Coconut ==> S3-02
The Shepherd ==> S3-03
You Missed A Bit ==> S3-04
Let's Spray ==> S3-05
The Crow ==> S3-06
Shaun The Fugitive ==> S3-07
Hard To Swallow ==> S3-08
Mission Inboxible ==> S3-09
Bye Bye Barn ==> S3-10
The Rounders Match ==> S3-11
Film Night ==> S3-12
Fossils ==> S3-13
The Skateboard ==> S3-14
The Piano ==> S3-15
The Snapshot ==> S3-16
Prickly Heat ==> S3-17
The Hang Glider ==> S3-18
The Shadow Play ==> S3-19
Bull Vs Wool ==> S3-20