Delete Loop process


Last night I attempted to delete a folder - "Flowers" - containing four episodes but it just seemed to hang with the "deleting" message. I ignored it and watched another recorded programme. When that finished (about an hour later) I checked again and found that although the Flowers folder was still there the Humax was busily deleting everything else. I couldn't stop the deleting so I powered off from the mains. I checked again this morning and all the folders named from A - L were in the Deleted bin (I have undelete installed) but all those from M - Z were gone. All files of individual programmes were still where they should be as was the Flowers folder.

Am I correct in inferring that somehow I had encountered a form of the delete loop problem and that the process is that all folders are first moved to the Deleted bin then deleted from there alphabetically? Perhaps if I hadn't powered off, the individual programme files would have gone the same way. It doesn't explain why the Flowers folder was still in place (it deleted fine this morning).

If the delete loop process does work in this way I was wondering if it was possible to detect that large (perhaps user defined) volumes are being moved into the Deleted bin and if this is the case either give a warning or power off (with ir installed). There would need to be a setting to deactivate this feature in the CF settings if the user really wanted to delete such volumes. Or is all this irrelevant because whatever causes the delete loop problem bypasses or overrides all such settings?
Thanks Trev. I had seen that thread but my reading was that if focused on putting things right after a lot of or all files have already been lost and I was wondering if there was a way to detect that the deleting is starting and at least protect the files.