Deletes not being re-directed


I have the undelete package installed, but I just noticed that when I delete recordings they are not going in to my recycle bin folder. The files are immediately being deleted
I can see the auto-decrypt files in there, but not manual deletions.

Are there any diagnostics or logs I can check?
If not, I guess I will try removing and re-installing undelete.
There is an empty_dustbin log but don't know how useful it might be. May be worth posting...
You can also use 'dustbin/empty' in the Run Diagnostic: box which may (or may not) show something.
The empty_dustbin log didn't really show anything. It showed clean up of recordings about a week ago then only clean up of auto decrypt files after that. I couldn't spot any errors in there.

I ran fix-flash-packages and re-started and that now seems to have resolved the issue.