DetectAds : Curl error : 'curl: (7) couldn't connect to host'


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I have just updated my CFW to 3.12 and trying to use DetectAds

Using the "Run Analysis" function, after selecting "Detect Ads" from Opt+ menu at end of a recording name on Browse window

All ways getting same error which ever recording I try

Logging as reported on screen and showing error in context in attached file
Info in attached file - since post was rejected as Spam otherwise

Wiki, does say
"There is a small chance that there will be a failure in the retrieval of the decrypted file resulting in a file that is longer or shorter than it should be. This seems to occur if the system is DLNA indexing the recording whilst it is being retrieved."

But these are quite old recordings I'm testing with

Would be grateful for any clues as to where I might be going wrong


  • detectad_screen_log.txt
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Although the log shows that 'Content Sharing Enabled' it appears that there is a problem with accessing the recording via the DLNA server.

A few things to try:
  1. Does decrypting recordings via the Opt+ or 'Queue for' browse options work?
  2. Try resetting the DLNA databate via the Diagnostics menu DLNA Reset option
  3. Reboot the Humax using switch on back of unit


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1. - yes, that is working OK
2. - did that - no change
3. - did that - Yes - Working Now ! ( always the basics which catch you(me) out !)

Thanks !!