Different types of remote?


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I have three 1100s, two have the same remote BUT one of them, despite all the button legends and positions being the same has what I call ‘soft’ keys whereas the other two have proper ‘ click when pressed’ keys. I would like to buy a new one but don’t want to send off only to find it’s the ‘ soft’ version, so wondered if there was anyone who knew the part number for the one I’m looking for, when I say ‘click’ keys I mean it makes a definite ‘click’ when pressed. They all have the ‘click’ on the direction arrows and enter keys but the one I want has the ‘click’ keys on the ff, rew, stop, TV guide etc etc
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There is this one from Amazon. Very similar design. Doesn't have the option to control the TV but no issue if you don't use that middle top button. Doesn't hsve the ring around the ok button but all function are there. Currently <£10. My original one was wearing out. Soft or hard... hmmm not so sure.

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