Direct access over lan


I am unable to directly access the recorder via the lan.

As a fault-finding check I removed the Fox from its usual position in another room, and connected the Fox recorder directly to a switch box attached to my computer using a different IP cable. Amongst the device addresses shown in the router's software, there is an address which I believe is the HDR-Fox T2.:

The router shows as a device. It becomes inactive when the rj45 is removed and active when the lan cable is put back in (RJ45 flashes away when plugged in to the Fox) I have checked the ip cables with a cable continuity tester and the rj45s are correctly connected.

Entering in the browser gives an unable to connect message.

I wanted to access the interface because the replay is taking a very long time to start playing. I assume i will have to run a disk utility.

What can I do to regain access to the humax interface via an iP address?
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You won't get anywhere unless you install the custom firmware first, for which there is a separate section of the forum here:, with a Quick Start Guide listed near the top.

However, in reference to your confusion as to which IP address is allocated to the HDR-FOX, it's very easy to find out:

Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Configure LAN

With regard to "running a disk utility", see Quick Guide to Disk Recovery (click)