Disabling OTA

I only had the original Disable OTA package enabled and it stopped my box upgrading, why does the new version add a reminder to the schedule?
If your HDR is in standby, a hidden scheduled event wakes it to update. Disable-ota removes that event, and a HDR in standby will not wake to update.
However a HDR that is on, and hasn't been rebooted recently, may still update. The addition of a watch (or record) timer event inhibits the update even when the HDR is already on at the scheduled update time.
I have my box come on every night 02:00 to 02:30 so that it adds any remote schedule items I have set.

I am presuming this is why the original OTA worked for me.
Do you understand the consequences of that?

I do. It's more important to me to have no overnight boot at all, as it wakes me up if it does.

I've been using version 0.1 for over a year, and in all that time, I think I can count two occasions when an OTA schedule slipped through the net and the box booted during the night. I figure I'd be very unlucky if a failure coincided with a software update broadcast, and it's a simple enough matter to restore the previous custom firmware if that did happen. The old version did save me from the recent 1.03.12 update.
Maybe there should also be an option which service is set in the reminder.
If anyone isn't happy with the service it picks, they can easily edit the reminder using the standard TV interface.. It shouldn't really matter which service it's using but it tries to pick a data service if it can as that reduces disk activity and there should be no audio.