Disappearing file - any suggestions?


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Twice now I have FTPed a .ts file (a rip of a film) to the HDR so my daughter can watch it on her T2 in her room. Both times I've checked it's there and played the start. Then, the next day, it's gone.

I installed the undelete app yesterday which at least means I found the file rather than it having been deleted completely but I'm at a loss as to what the box has against this file! Others are fine - the only difference being that I FTPed this one rather than directly across the network as the HDR claimed it only had 60Mb or so of space. Not sure what the deal is with that.

Any suggestions? It can't be HDD space as surely older recordings would go first. Is it linked to the 60Mb thing - and if so how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance guys and happy new year!

Black Hole

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We know the SMB space calculation is wrong. Dunno where your file goes though - if it is turning up in the CF waste basket something must be deleting it. Do you have any auto-expires set?

Ezra Pound

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Do you have the Humax Auto Delete feature enabled? If so the files you are FTPing may be being deleted because they have date stamps that are older than the recodings on your Humax. Does the Humax report 60MB or 60GB free?, the first is ridiculously small so I guess it's the second


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Good thought with Auto Delete - it's not enabled in the box settings, I'll check my installed packages though in case it's there.

It definitely reported 60Mb the other day though it's behaving itself now - I think that's a bug.

Thanks for the answers, if anyone else thinks of anything please add it and I'll report back if I work out what's going on.