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On three occasions now when I set a schedule to record from ITV1 +1 from the WebIf the schedule disappears. Repeatedly set and still disappears, sometime near instant other a up to 15 minutes later when checking.

If I set the recording via the hand set, it seems to hold true and the recording goes ahead.

It not always consistent as records set for the after work OK, limited testing here, but when set for an evening recording the just disappear and fail.

Anyone come across this or have any advice please?
Do you have Real Time Scheduling enabled on webif Settings -> Advanced Settings?

If you don't have RTS enabled are you aware that you need to reboot your box before schedule requests are added to the Humax?
I do have RTS set on and every other recording so far work.

It has only failed so far when setting a recording for ITV1+1 and although unclear and if relevant, it has only failed in the evenings. My tests at present have only been set in a clear a window in the afternoon and they are currently OK.

On one occasion I was unable to set a recording via the WebIf, but I think a re-boot sorted that one and it was after I did a channel update in case something had changed.

I did forget to state that it has happened on two Humax boxes, but mostly on one of them, but this could be misleading as by chance I have only set recordings for IT1+1 on one of the box most of the time.
I have no idea what might be happening especially affecting 1 channel at certain times of day

You could try looking at nugget.log to see if there is any sign of the missing recordings being processed.
It may give af123 something to look for
I looked at the nugget log and attach it here to cover 02 Jan 18 to 09 Jan 18. To be honest I looked through and spotted a few failed statements but did not really understand the log, so I hope it helps.

Two videos failed in that period, Girlfriends on 03 Jan 18 @ 22:00 ITV1+1 and Next of Kin on 08 Jan 18 @ 22:00 ITV1+1. All was set the evening before.

Please note that Next of Kin appears twice and the 21:00 on ITV1 worked fine. Also it would not take the setting via the WebIf and I had to add it repeatable before it was set and I can see this in the log.

Any help appreciated.


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Tried to set a schedule for ITV1+1 and it failed again. This time looked at the database in it's Raw mode and found an otherwise un-scene entry which covered the same programme but the timing was for one weeks time. Managed to delete and then set the required schedule and it held. Just need to wait and see it works.

Also found another database schedule which indicated it had be set twice, again deleted and re-set now waiting to see if it works on Monday.

So, may be, hopefully found the problem but no idea how it happened, will keep a watch.
Could your problems be due to the fact that there is no longer a channel called “ITV1+1”? When did you last retune your boxes?

ITV rebranded their channels in 2013, when ITV1 and ITV1+1 became ITV and ITV+1 respectively.
Could your problems be due to the fact that there is no longer a channel called “ITV1+1”? When did you last retune your boxes?
You don't need to retune for name changes - they happen automatically when you select the channel. If the service ID had changed, then there would obviously be no EPG info. for anyone to set anything against.
So the answer would appear to be "no". Perhaps it's old habits that die hard that account for him still using the old names.
Sorry, Yes it is old habits. Having said that it is ITV+1 that I am referring to.

In the meantime, I may have solved the problem but need to check what happens tomorrow (Monday), if I have then it was down to hidden entries in the scheduling database which I eventually found and cleared, but we'll see.
Looks like it was extra entries the database which I couldn't see without looking in the raw form. See if anything else happens during this week.

It seems to have cured the issue. Still don't know how it happen but sorted.
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