Disc Dilema


Traveler 34122
My recently purchased 1TB HDR's HDD is showing increasing reallocated sectors. There were zero when purchased at the beginning of August but rose to 88 on the 18th and now 96.

I have never been happy with Seagate drives having had more than one fail before now in my PC.

However, the HDR appears to be working normally at the moment, but feel that if/when the reallocated sectors increases further, I will have problems.

Question is, what to do? The box has not been opened at all and the Orange filter and tamper seal are intact.

Do I remove the CF and take the unit back to JL now, or wait for there to be a actual, tangible fault that can be demonstrated? At the moment the HDD passes the SMART test. I only know of the problem by watching the diagnostics in the CF, so really, I cannot actually demonstrate a problem with the unit at this moment in time.

Should I run fixdisk and see what that comes up with?

Any advice will be appreciated.

I've just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours.

Unfortunately I don't think you can reject an item based on predicted failure, you'll just have to wait until it actually fails (unless I shove you out of the airlock first).