Disc or disk


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I know this has been queried before, but the Web-If's all a bit inconsistent with itself.
The Diag page says "Hard disc" but then calls a page called disk.jim using a button with "id=diskdiag" which displays a table labelled "Disk information".

It seems to me that disc is almost universally used to refer to optical media now, and disk for magnetic media, so "Hard disk" should be the correct form on the button.

I thought 'disc' was a flat circle of material where as 'disk' was a computer storage media. Hard disk being a winchester disk with hard magnet discs inside and floppy disk having 'floppy' magnetic discs inside.

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I'm not saying I disagree in particular, I am merely making a philosophical observation:

The only knowledge that is not opinion is mathematics (which is founded on a set of axioms and the remainder derived by logical construction). As such you or I might hold and express certain opinions, and if those opinions differ after rigorous self-examination one can only say that one does not agree, not that the alternative is wrong. There have been occasions when my opinion has diverged from those in Encyclopaedia Britannica...

Unfortunately, regarding what the Professor says as open to interpretation rather than absolute fact doesn't get one very far in the exams.