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Does anyone know if it's possible to stream to the Humax via DLNA? In particular I'm trying to use the Microsoft Edge 'Cast To Device' option but it doesn't find the Humax.

If I read the manual correctly then playing DLNA content should be possible but I'm not sure if I read it correctly?



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Does the DLNA server have to be on the same WiFi as the Edge host? That's the sort of daft restriction these things enforce.

If you do manage to connect, the content has to be in a format that the Humax DLNA server understands, say H.264 at 1080 or less+AAC.

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'Cast To Device'
No. Cast implies "push" - the HDR-FOX DLNA client has to "pull". Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network queries your network for active DLNA servers, and lists what it finds. You then select from the list to drill down to media files indexed by that server. I don't think casting is a DLNA function.