Does anyone here have 50Hz TV ?


Does anyone have any practical advice regarding 50hz versus 100 Hz TV's ?
Is there any reason you wouldn't buy a 50Hz - is the difference really noticable on a 42" screen?
I cant really tell in the shops because the displays are often so poor.
If I remember correctly my LG 32LD690 is 50Hz. I don't notice any problems with it, but I am not very critical. I can see the point in doubling up from the 25Hz interleaved field, and if the video frames were transmitted at 100Hz I'm sure that would be great, but in fact any accelerated refresh rate beyond 25Hz p or 50Hz i will have to be interpolated in the TV.

The difference will be very subjective, and more likely to affect fast action (eg sports), and then will depend on how well the TV does it.

That said, 100Hz TVs are pretty common now, and by the time you have ticked your other boxes you might find you end up with a 100Hz refresh whether you like it it not (I expect it can be switched off).
Does anyone have any practical advice regarding 50hz versus 100 Hz TV's ?
Is there any reason you wouldn't buy a 50Hz - is the difference really noticable on a 42" screen?

I don't watch a lot of football, But I am told that the motion Blur claimed to dog 50Hz TVs and cured by 100, 200 and even 600Hz TVs, is more noticable while watching fast moving sports like football. So if you can watch some football on the 50Hz TV and you don't have a problem with it, I would say the 50Hz would be O.K. I have a Samsung TV with 100Hz Motion Plus option which is turned off because it causes jitter under certain conditions
I would suggest going to somewhere like John Lewis where you can compare the different sets for yourself. When I last looked at this a few years ago I decided that the strobing/combing effect on a 50Hz TV, even on relatively slow movement, would soon become very annoying.
I have a panny 100Hz TV and the first thing I noticed after I'd ditched the 50Hz one (also Panny) was that all strobing/blurring effect was eliminated during slow motion playback particularly any fast sport. I found those effects very irritating. I wouldn't buy a 50Hz but It probably depends too on the quality of the TV.
Another reason for 100+Hz is to support 3D on some TVs (eg Sony system). In this case the TV has to display 2 transmitted frames per 3D displayed frame (if you get my meaning). You would get flicker if you ran at 50Hz in 3D (effectively 25Hz display rate).
I think, as pointed out earlyer, that as you 'tick more boxes' e.g. add more functions to the T.V. then 50Hz is one of the first things to be upgraded, so I doubt that you could buy a 3D T.V. that is only 50Hz. I had a blind friend (Years ago) that wanted to buy a Black and White T.V. with Nicam Stereo but was forced to buy a Colour T.V. (which is useless to a blind man) in order to get the Nicam stereo sound
I've just ditched my old 100Hz Panasonic ( CRT! ) for a 32" Samsung Led 50Hz model and I can't say I've noticed any increase in motion blur. In all the reviews I read before buying none commented on it being "only 50Hz".

Mind you I hate all sport. I've been reading a lot for the last week........
Like Ezra, I've got a Sammy with optional 100hz motion plus. I can't really tell the difference if I'm honest - maybe on hd football the ball is clearer but on a 40inch tv I have to be less than a few foot away to tell if off off or on.
My tv is getting on a bit now though - not sure if the higher refresh would be more or less noticeable on newer sets?