Does Aura support NowTV app?

I have a brand new Philips Android TV but NowTV isn't compatable so I had to buy a Roku stick for my nowTV subscription. Just wondering. Ta
Just had a poke around our Aura and can't find or get the Netflix app, even going into the Play Store and searching.
I guess Google / Humax / Netflix couldn't agree on some exchange of monies or contract terms.
Wow. Interesting read.
We don't have Alexa and my Gmail account is very much fourth in line, only used for Google stuff, so I don't have a problem with either of those dying :geek:
Yeah, I thought so too. Don't know what the financial model was when they started those services, there is obviously a significant cost behind the scenes in terms of hardware required and programming effort. I always thought gmail came about as a "me too" operation to lure people away from Yahoo etc, but Alexa always seemed to be a bit of a vanity project - do it to prove we can, more or less.

I do have a gmail a/c that is my primary one now I'm retired, but like you, shun Alexa, the idea of something always listening turns me off. I can see it having its place for an old person on their own who can call out to it in the event of a fall or something to get help, but talking to it to call up the local radio station or turn lights off/on, well that is taking lack of exercise a bit far ...